Working with OAuth

OAuth allows you to request market data and manage portfolios on behalf of your end-users. For further details on the OAuth functionality, please see the OAuth documentation.



Each endpoint may have different base URLs.

Redirect User for Authorization

GET /oauth/authorize

Redirect your user from your application to this endpoint with the following query parameters.

Use the following base URL

Example Request URL:


Query Parameters

response_typestringRequiredMust be code to request an authorization code.
client_idstringRequiredThe client_id you received when you registered the application.
redirect_uristringRequiredThe URL where the user will be sent after authorization. It must match one of the whitelisted redirect URIs for your application.
statestringOptionalAn unguessable random string, used to protect against request forgery attacks.
scopestringOptionalA space-delimited list of scopes your application requests access to. Read-only endpoint access is assumed by default.


Redirect to Alpaca authorization page.