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Welcome to Alpaca 🦙

Alpaca offers simple, modern API-first solutions to enable anyone, either individuals or businesses, to connect applications and build algorithms to buy and sell stocks or crypto.

Whether you are launching an app to access the US equities market or deploy algorithmic trading-strategies with stocks and crypto, Alpaca has an API for you.

  • Build trading apps and brokerage services for your end users. Tailored for businesses such as trading apps, challenger banks, etc. - Start here
  • Stock trading for individuals and business accounts. Built for retail, algorithmic and proprietary traders. - Start here
  • Access real-time market pricing data and up to 6+ years worth of historical data for stocks and crypto. - Start here
  • Develop applications on Alpaca’s platform using OAuth2. Let any user with an Alpaca brokerage account connect to your app. - Start here

If you are not a developer and an API is not for you, we also enable users to trade on our responsive web dashboard.

Stay tuned for our API updates as we have on roadmap plans for options, futures, FX, and much more!