Accounts Statuses

The following are the possible account status values. Accounts will have both status and crypto_status with status denoting the account's equities trading status and crypto_status denoting the account's crypto trading status.

Most likely, the account status is ACTIVE unless there is an issue. The account status may get to ACCOUNT_UPDATED when personal information is being updated from the API, in which case the end user may not be allowed trading for a short period of time until the change is approved.

For more on creating an account check out our API reference section on the Accounts Endpoint.

INACTIVEAccount not set to trade given asset.
ONBOARDINGThe account has been created but we haven’t performed KYC yet. This is only used with Onfido.
SUBMITTEDThe account application has been submitted and is being processed, this is a transitory status.
SUBMISSION_FAILEDThe account failed to be created in Alpaca's system. Accounts in this status are resolved by Alpaca and no further action is needed.
ACTION_REQUIREDThe account application requires manual action and a document upload is required from the user. KYCResults contains information about the details.
APPROVAL_PENDINGThe application requires manual checks from our team because the account did not pass the KYC automatic check, but most likely no document is required. KYCResults contains information about the details.
APPROVEDThe account application has been approved, waiting to be ACTIVE, this is a transitory status.
REJECTEDThe account application was rejected by our team. The account will not be able to continue to go active.
ACTIVEThe account is fully active and can start trading the enabled asset.
ACCOUNT_UPDATEDThe account personal information is being updated which needs to be reviewed before being moved back to ACTIVE.
ACCOUNT_CLOSEDThe account was closed, will not be able to trade or fund anymore.
Account statuses flowchart

Account statuses flowchart