Subscribe to Admin Action Events (SSE)

The Events API provides event push as well as historical queries via SSE (server sent events).

This endpoint streams events related to administrative actions performed by our systems.

Historical events are streamed immediately if queried, and updates are pushed as events occur.

Query Params Rules:

  • since required if until specified
  • since_id required if until_id specified
  • since and since_id can’t be used at the same time
  • if since or since_id not specified this will not return any historic data
  • if until or until_id reached stream will end (status 200)

Warning: Currently OAS-3 doesn't have full support for representing SSE style responses from an API.

In case the client code is generated from this OAS spec, don't specify a since and until there is a good chance the generated clients will hang forever waiting for the response to end.

If you require the streaming capabilities we recommend not using the generated clients for this specific endpoint until the OAS-3 standards come to a consensus on how to represent this behavior in OAS-3.

Event Types

  • LegacyNote: Old free text based admin notes
  • Liquidation: Event for a position liquidation which initialized by an admin
  • TransactionCancel: Event for a manually cancelled transaction
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