Retrieve Account Activities of Specific Type

Retrieves an Array of Activies by type

If {activity_type} is provided as part of the URL, category cannot be provided as query parameter. They are mutually exclusive.


  • Pagination is handled using the page_token and page_size parameters.

  • page_token represents the ID of the end of your current page of results.
    for example if in your first response the id of the last Activiy item returned in the array was 20220203000000000::045b3b8d-c566-4bef-b741-2bf598dd6ae7, you'd pass that value as page_token to get the next page of results

  • If specified with a direction of desc, for example, the results will end before the activity with the specified ID.

  • If specified with a direction of asc, results will begin with the activity immediately after the one specified.

  • page_size is the maximum number of entries to return in the response.

  • If date is not specified, the default and maximum value is 100.

  • If date is specified, the default behavior is to return all results, and there is no maximum page size.

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