The assets API serves as the master list of assets available for trade and data consumption from Alpaca. Assets are sorted by asset class, exchange and symbol.

The Asset Object

Equity Example

  "id": "904837e3-3b76-47ec-b432-046db621571b",
  "class": "us_equity",
  "exchange": "NASDAQ",
  "symbol": "AAPL",
  "name": "Apple Inc. Common Stock",
  "status": "active",
  "tradable": true,
  "marginable": true,
  "shortable": true,
  "easy_to_borrow": true,
  "fractionable": true,
  "maintenance_margin_requirement": 30,

Crypto Example

  "id": "276e2673-764b-4ab6-a611-caf665ca6340",
  "class": "crypto",
  "exchange": "FTXU",
  "symbol": "BTC/USD",
  "name": "BTC/USD pair",
  "status": "active",
  "tradable": true,
  "marginable": false,
  "shortable": false,
  "easy_to_borrow": false,
  "fractionable": true,
  "min_order_size": "0.0001",
  "min_trade_increment": "0.0001",
  "price_increment": "1"


idstringAsset ID
classstringEither us_equity or crypto
exchangestringThe exchange in which the asset is traded (eg: NASDAQ, NYSE, CRXL, ...)
symbolstringSymbol of asset
statusstringactive or inactive
tradablebooleanAsset is tradable on Alpaca or not.
marginablebooleanAsset is marginable or not.
shortablebooleanAsset is shortable or not.
easy_to_borrowbooleanAsset is easy-to-borrow or not (filtering for easy_to_borrow = true is the best way to check whether the name is currently available to short at Alpaca). Field available for equities only.
fractionablebooleanAsset is fractionable or not.
min_order_sizestringMinimum order size. Field available for crypto only.
min_trade_incrementstringAmount a trade quantity can be incremented by. Field available for crypto only.
price_incrementstringAmount the price can be incremented by. Field available for crypto only.
maintenance_margin_requirementintShows the % margin requirement for the asset. Field available for equities only.

Retrieving All Assets

This API endpoint returns all assets available at Alpaca. We recommend caching the response, and querying regularly.



GET /v2/assets


Returns an array of asset objects.

Retrieving an Asset by ID or Symbol

Get the asset model for a given symbol or asset_id. The symbol or asset_id should be passed in as a path parameter.



GET /v2/assets/{symbol_or_asset_id}

Path Parameter

symbol OR asset_idstringRequiredThe symbol or asset_id being retrieved


Returns an asset object