Corporate Actions (CA) Announcements

The CA endpoint contains public information on previous and upcoming dividends, mergers, spinoffs, and stock splits.

Announcement data is made available through the API as soon as it is ingested by Alpaca, which is typically the following trading day after the declaration date. This provides insight into future account stock position and cash balance changes that will take effect on an announcement’s payable date. Additionally, viewing previous announcement details can improve bookkeeping and reconciling previous account cash and position changes.

The CA Object

    "id": "be3c368a-4c7c-4384-808e-f02c9f5a8afe",
    "corporate_actions_id": "F58684224_XY37",
    "ca_type": "Dividend",
    "ca_sub_type": "DIV",
    "initiating_symbol": "MLLAX",
    "initiating_original_cusip": "55275E101",
    "target_symbol": "MLLAX",
    "target_original_cusip": "55275E101",
    "declaration_date": "2021-01-05",
    "expiration_date": "2021-01-12",
    "record_date": "2021-01-13",
    "payable_date": "2021-01-14",
    "cash": "0.018",
    "old_rate": "1",
    "new_rate": "1"
    "corporate_action_id": "48251W104_AD21",
    "ca_type": "Dividend",
    "ca_sub_type": "cash",
    "initiating_symbol": "KKR",
    "initiating_original_cusip": "G52830109",
    "target_symbol": "KKR",
    "target_original_cusip": "G52830109",
    "declaration_date": "2021-11-01",
    "ex_date": "2021-11-12",
    "record_date": "2021-11-15",
    "payable_date": "2021-11-30",
    "cash": "0.145",
    "old_rate": "1",
    "new_rate": "1"


idstringID that is specific to a single announcement.
corporate_action_idstringID that remains consistent across all announcements for the same corporate action. Unlike id, this can be used to connect multiple announcements to see how the terms have changed throughout the lifecycle of the corporate action event.
ca_typestringdividend, merger, spinoff, or split
ca_sub_typestringWhen ca_type = dividend, then cash or stock. When ca_type = merger, then merger_update or merger_completion. When ca_type = spinoff, then spinoff. When ca_type = split, then stock_split, unit_split, reverse_split, or recapitalization.
initiating_symbolstringSymbol of the company initiating the announcement.
initiating_original_cusipstringCUSIP of the company initiating the announcement.
target_symbolstringSymbol of the child company involved in the announcement.
target_original_cusipstringCUSIP of the child company involved in the announcement.
declaration_datestringDate the corporate action or subsequent terms update was announced.
ex_datestringThe first date that purchasing a security will not result in a corporate action entitlement.
record_datestringThe date an account must hold a settled position in the security in order to receive the corporate action entitlement.
payable_datestringThe date the announcement will take effect. On this date, account stock and cash balances are expected to be processed accordingly.
cashstringThe amount of cash to be paid per share held by an account on the record date.
old_ratestringThe denominator to determine any quantity change ratios in positions.
new_ratestringThe numerator to determine any quantity change ratios in positions.