Account Configurations

The account configuration API provides custom configurations about your trading account settings. These configurations control various allow you to modify settings to suit your trading needs.

The Account Configurations Object


  "dtbp_check": "entry",
  "no_shorting": false,
  "suspend_trade": false,
  "fractional_trading": true,
  "max_margin_multiplier": "4",
  "pdt_check": "entry",
  "trade_confirm_email": "all"


dtbp_checkstringboth, entry, or exit. Controls Day Trading Margin Call (DTMC) checks.
no_shortingbooleanIf true, account becomes long-only mode.
suspend_tradebooleanIf true, new orders are blocked.
fractional_tradingbooleanIf true, account is able to place fractional trades
max_margin_multiplierstring1 or 2. If 1, account is limited to no margin (limited margin only). A value of 2 provides 2x RegT margin and allows 4x Day intraday margin, if applicable.
pdt_checkstringboth, entry, or exit. Controls PDT checks. If entry orders will be rejected on entering a position if it could result in PDT being set for the account. exit will reject exiting orders if they would result in PDT being set.
trade_confirm_emailstringall or none. If none, emails for order fills are not sent. Other non-trade emails are unaffected.