Third-Party Tools Integration

This page is meant to serve as a guide to existing algo traders and researchers currently using other platforms or brokers including but not limited to Quantopian, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, Backtrader, and QuantConnect.

We provide several open source libraries to aid in the platform integration process and help expedite the time it takes for you to get up and running with Alpaca. Below is a list of our official platform integration libraries. If you would like to see us provide integration support for a platform not listed here, please let us know at our Feature Request and Issues repo here.



pylivetrader is a live trading framework in python 3 that is API-compatible with zipline. You can run your Quantopian algorithm with the minimum code change with Alpaca API.

For more details about how to convert your Quantopian algorithm, please see zipline to pylivetrader migration.


pipeline-live is another library that works well with your Quantopian algorithm. If you are using the Pipeline API, this library can do what you tested in Quantopian and it works well with pylivetrader.

For more details about how to adjust your Quantopian algorithm, please see the migration document.


backtrader is a simple but powerful backtesting and live trading framework that lots of algo traders have been using for real use. We have integrated our SDK to backtrader today and you can run your backtrader algo with our API.

backtrader integrated with Alpaca SDK



We have integrated with Lean which is a big player in the .NET algo trading space. If you are already testing your algorithm in QuantConnect, this is the tool you can use to run it in live with our API.

Suggestions or questions?
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