Brokerage-related Questions and Issues


If you are wondering why your brokerage application is stuck in processing, or if you are having trouble depositing money to your brokerage account, then please send an email to our brokerage operations team at [email protected]. By law, we must have licensed representatives handle such brokerage-related issues and requests.

Questions and issues that often arise include trouble linking a bank account, updating an address on file, and correcting erroneous information provided during onboarding. But please do not email our operations team if, for example, you are having trouble getting your API key to work (instead, check out our tech-related support channels).

Alpaca Securities FAQ

If you have questions about certain brokerage-related terminology or how Alpaca’s brokerage business works, please read our Alpaca Securities FAQ. It is managed by Alpaca’s brokerage operations team and only contains information about our brokerage operations. For example, you can find content such as information about pattern day trading, but not about how you can port your Quantopian algos to Alpaca.

Suggestions or questions?
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